The Benefits and Challenges of Social Employer Branding

Here are my top few thoughts on the need for employer branding:

Why is it important?

  • Attracting great talent biggest challenge (Randstad Report)
  • Brand Image and company reputation play most important (Aon Hewitt, LinkedIn India survey)
  • New communication / media platforms require organizations to build their presence across a variety of media platforms
  • Employer Branding strategy helps in attracting better culturally fit candidates 
  • It has real benefits - see this from CEB research


  • Communicate the distinctive Employee Value Proposition (EVP) for specific talent segments 
  • Build the organizations' brand leveraging digital media 
  • Help the recruiting team move from “outreach” (sales model) to build “inbound” (marketing model) talent - attracting the "right" kind of talent. 

Components of Employer Branding

The process


The Challenges

  • Finding the right partner agency to work along with - Most communications agencies have little or no understanding of the O2C - Organization to Candidate ecosystem
  • Helping your Top Leaders, Recruiters and Hiring Managers to start thinking of themselves as brand ambassadors
  • Creating a culture where employees think of themselves as storytellers and feel free to share internal stories with their professional networks - without waiting for permission
  • Finding a tool to track conversation to inbound traffic to applicants to effective hiring


Employer Branding Attracting great talent Branding strategy

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Gautam can help organizations in leveraging digital technologies for Employer Branding, Learning and Development and Collaboration. He also helps HR technology firms to reach her decision makers

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