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Content and communities are shaping how people find and connect with each other. Organisations, to remain relevant, need to participate in this conversation by becoming content creators. They cannot rely on external media — paid, like advertising; or earned, being mentioned by the mass media — alone. They have to invest in creating ‘owned media’. For an employer, it means media that showcases the organisation’s culture in the form of articles, presentations, videos, etc. This is necessary as employees and alumni are rating and reviewing all aspects of an employer — from culture, to salaries, to interviews — on sites such as Glassdoor and JobBuzz.

It also means that HR personnel need to ‘listen’ to the conversations on the social Web — what are people saying about the organisation, its leadership and also about competitors. This can be as simple as using a search engine regularly, or using sophisticated tools that track large numbers of conversations and can even judge the sentiments in those conversations.

What Will The Future Bring?
With the rise of the ‘collaborative economy’, where people move from sharing digital media — text, video and images — to sharing goods and services, thanks to sites like Couchsurfing, Uber, AirBnB. Talent marketing is ripe for disruption with ‘talent in the cloud’ (sites like oDesk and eLance). MOOC (massive open online course) sites like Coursera and EduX will change how companies source skills and how people keep their skills relevant.

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