Gig Economy as a Career - Are you ready for this?

Gig Economy is not just a fad, it is going to remain in the system for long. With the increase in opportunities, many professionals especially those who can work remotely and are in the areas which a company requires on a regular basis but not as frequent to make it a full-time position. 

Gig economy professionals who are taking the plunge into the freelance domain may be doing out of their will but many may be doing it because they need extra bucks or they are in transition.

However, if someone wants to make a career in the Gig Economy space, they need to understand some basics of this on-demand economy concept before jumping into this.

Five Ways to know your readiness for being Gig Economy Professional

1. What is your career orientation: Are you interested in more degree of freedom or you like a structured approach to doing work under the pre-initiated instructions. many professionals like to work with higher freedom and want to maintain good work-life balance or rather keeping control over their amount of work and managing other parts of their life.


2. Locus of Control: Who controls you? Are you a self-disciplined person or you need external factors/persons to manage you. Being Gig Economy Professional you need to have a high degree of "Self Discipline" as you are now your own Boss.


3. Multi-tasking: Being a solopreneur, you need to be "Jack of All Trades". You may not have support from other team members, so you need to do many things together. 


4. A higher level of Tenacity: All the days will not be the same, sometimes it may be a windfall, but there will be rainy days. Are you a person who can withstand the pressure when work is not coming in an adequate manner? Do you have the patience to wait for some good clients, instead of jumping here & there to get a job? Do you have "Never say die" attitude? If you are like this then you can opt for this as a career.


5. An Open Mind: Customer is a king and any feedback coming from them needs to be taken in a constructive manner.  It may not be always positive feedback but having an open mind to evaluate feedback and working on them so that you don't repeat them will help you become successful Gig Economy Professional


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