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Software security news in the media (2015)

Cyber-attacks against businesses ‘doubled in 2015’ 

Should Software Companies Be Legally Liable For Security Breaches?

“I do not see a way forward without software liability,” said Jeff Moss aka Dark Tangent. As software eats the world, industries which are already subject to liability are becoming software companies: Moss called Airbus, Boeing, and Tesla manufacturers of “moving data centers.” The recent Jeep hack highlights the extent to which vehicle manufacturers have become software companies, and vulnerable to software  flaws.

The IoT is the Internet of Easy Home Hacking : In 2016, 4 million new “things” will become available to consumers, according to Gartner. From a security standpoint, we could be talking about 4 million digital door keys to private homes. Every unsecured IoT device can act as an entry point to your household as well as your online assets. Intruders can even use the Internet of Things to open your front door from the inside — literally. While the trend grows unabated, more consumers are starting to worry about what a fully connected home means for their security and privacy.

“The IoT brings network, application, mobile, and cloud technologies together in a unique ecosystem but, unfortunately, it seems to acquire the nastiest security traits of each, “ says Bogdan Botezatu, Senior E-Threat Analyst at Bitdefender.

Trends up to 2020

„Like the physical universe, the digital universe is large – by 2020 containing nearly as many digital bits as there are stars in the universe.“ (Source: Market Research EMC/IDC)

 40.9 billion networked devices by 2020

„Smart home products make life easier, more eco-friendly and are easy on the wallet. There's just one catch: They don't all have the same security standards.“ (Timo Grassmann, Product Marketing, Infineon Technologies AG)

„By 2020, 100 million light fixtures will be network controlled. At least as many gaps to access sensitive customer data will emerge.“ (Source: Forbes and On World)

  R&D activity in the chip industry – the hardware ecosystems

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