Smart Housing- A Future Trend Of Living Sustainability, Affordability & Smart Housing Techniques

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Abstract — This paper deals about the several smart measures to be adopted in public and private housing all over the world and also the determining the affordability along with sustainable housing patterns. Many of these efforts are driven by theoretical concepts of urban planning and practice due to rapid urbanization. Most 'Smart Growth' planning reforms adopt as a core principle the goal of increasing housing affordability and diversity. As smart growth can increase housing prices under some circumstances. Low-density residential and commercial development, the argument goes, reduces the overall quality of urban life by increasing congestion, promoting social isolation and segregation, and inefficiently using land. Centralized land-use planning. the projects about energy efficiency in social housing buildings in European countries, which is supposed to be introduced in the aspects of subjective and objective energy saving potentials. It is proposed to be able to provide valuable and referential advices exchange our experience on a sustainable development in affordable housing. Providing affordable housing has become an urgent task for governments. Today have many governments around the world realized it and have been planning to take more actions on it. The U.S. government, Sweden’s government and Singapore’s government, for examples, have carried out many policies to solve the problem. in Canada and United States, local governments seem firmly committed to increasing the availability of affordable housing through a variety of innovative subsidy programs; In China, affordable housing involves the national construction program and organized by the real estate department of province government to provide a suitable housing environment for the low-income families. As per United Nation Economic Commission For Europe , by 2030, ensure access for all to adequate, safe and affordable housing and basic services and upgrade slums. Development of 100 Smart Cities in India would provide ample opportunities to the real estate developers, who will not only have to focus on technology-driven homes but also affordability and lifestyle quotient. Developers who want to enter India’s affordable housing market face many obstacles. But with an estimated market value of USD 245 billion, the sector is attracting growing interest. Tata Housing, one of India’s fastest growing real-estate developers, is among a new generation of firms focusing on the low-income segment. Nonetheless, to achieve the sector’s enormous potential, the Indian government will need to create a facilitating environment. We will discuss the elaborated smart housing techniques as well as affordability of housing in Bengaluru, India.

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