So that was a short retirement huh?

?As my followers know I had retired 30 days ago to pursue my lifelong dream of becomming a professional ski racer and had a ski instructors gig in glorious Sun Valley, Idaho, packed the car and was on the 850 mi journey to ski racing super stardom, big endorsement deals, magazine coverland and ski groupies galore drinking Glühwein in furry apre' ski boots and living the dream. Well, I made it as far as Ely, Nevada just south of the Idaho state line and the bubble burst, drug wore off and or a series of external situations converged and conspired to burst my dream, at least for this season. First was the flop of my crowdfunding campaign on the USSA platform having closed out at only $100 of the stated goal of $10,000 which was only 20% of my projected expense estimate of $50,000 to fund my season racing on the USSA Master's circuit. Ski racing is NOT a cheap sport by any stretch of the imagination, furthermore I'm a gearhead requiring no less than 16 pairs of expensive custom racing skis, training in a wind tunnel and travel to Europe to compete on the World Cup Speed Skiing circuit.

Well, my 90 year old mother was diagnosed with late stage dementia back east and will need to enter into a memory care facility not covered by her insurance at an additional cost of about $5,000 per month. This news was told to me as I was on Route 93 more than halfway to Sun Valley. So my dream has gone back on hold for at least for this season. Good thing I didn't burn any bridges on my recent retirement execution. Just not meant to be and I was once again ready to drive to NY to strangle the Eastman Kodak C-Level execs who wiped out @ 2 million dollars worth of my family estate via Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.


So, not being a violent sort, I simply drove back to Palm Desert and started firing back up my companies and client base a mere 30 days post retirement and must say was very lucky to have landed the Senior Advisor position at FullStack TLC in Phoenix as well as pick up a 5 figure per month reputation management and public relations contract with a former client taking his business international. I'm also writing a business plan for a startup idea I've tossed around for many years which I'll be soliciting seed funding for in January as well as picking up an advisory gig at a ski sports related startup with a patented product.


That's the facts as they are at this point, one more year of work with a goal of retiring now at the age of 59. This was close but alas, I'm not a horseshoe player, I'm a ski racer. No whining, kicking or screaming, or at least that phase behind me now and looking forward to the new year with new projects, working from my secret lair somewhere a bit below sea level in the southern California low desert with my own creedo of "remaining nimble" once again kicking me in the butt. Life on life's terms.?

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