Q1 2014 Recap

I'm going to start posting quarterly recap reports containing a report of my personal activities as well as my impressions of the state of various business verticals and market segments that I actively follow on a daily basis as follow:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Curation & Marketing
  • Startup Incubation & Acceleration
  • Crowdfunding
  • Venture Capital & Angel Investing
  • Network & Affiliate Marketing
  • Philanthropy & Social Responsibility
  • Progressive Politics
  • Regional Markets (Silicon Valley, Silicon Beach, Orange County, Las Vegas, Phoenix)

I think that's a fairly comprehensive listing of the major areas of my activities and interests, at least, those that I follow on a daily basis and attempt to stay current with. I will be preparing the first of these this weekend so stay tuned...this is yet another self imposed, unpaid task that I'll probably regret starting later down the road but this will give those of you who like to follow what I'm up to the opportunity to do so.


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Advisor to 62 startups over the past 5 years as listed on Angel List. Currently seeking advisory positions at startups. I can assist you with product development, fundraising, strategic alliances, setting up and administering an advisory board and more.

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