New Software Prevents Errors in Automated Billing

Transaction Watchdog™ SaaS solutions enable corporations to mitigate risk and enforce compliance when performing business transactions. Transaction Watchdog™ provides insight and intelligence on Enterprise transactions on risk.

Transaction Watchdog™ is pioneer in a context-aware computing, where it incorporates ‘process awareness’ into Big Data analysis to protect business operations, from human or system errors and frauds.

  • Transaction Watchdog™ is the only technology that monitors a single Enterprise Transaction in real-time, such as order-to-cash across systems, applications and various business processes.
  • Transaction Watchdog™ points out the root causes of potential losses.
  • Transaction Watchdog™ points-out fraud activities including unknown incidents.
  • No need to understand the workflow processes and the fraud patterns to deploy Transaction Watchdog™ for your operations
  • Transaction Watchdog™ is easy to use. You can sign up for free trial on your historical data and find out for yourself!
  • In free trial, you do not need to download any software, but just upload a dump of your transaction data, in excel or other popular formats, to our cloud services and find out in 72 hours which risks and risk values your company is exposed to.


Transaction Watchdog is the pioneer in Operational Intelligence for Transaction Data. This data is generated by business or industrial processes. Transaction Watchdog™ incorporates ‘process awareness’ in Big Data analysis to protect Procure-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash and alike enterprise transactions, from human and system errors and frauds.
We monitor transaction data across multiple business processes, various IT systems and data centers in order to detect and alert on data inconsistency in real time, before any business loss occurs.
Our SaaS solutions are custom fit, provided from a secured server or a private cloud.

Our main differentiations are:

  • Proactive risk identification solutions
  • Intercepts risk vs. Predict it
  • Transaction risks vs. Performance risks
  • 100% transaction data are checked while they are generated
  • Potentially zero false positives alerts as we have NO fraud patterns!
  • Enforcement of regulations vs. inspection
  • Fully automated controls vs. initiated by people

These unique capabilities are being implemented by dozens of global Retailers and manufacturers who run their disparate business applications at multiple sites. Up to date we identified about $30M in aggregative risk value amount, which is a real prevented and recovered loss.

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