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Getting the right content to the right customers is what marketing automation tools do best. Think beyond email service providers (ESP) like Vertical Response and Mail Chimp, which have limited functionality, to true automation platforms like Marketo and FullStack TLC.

Historically, though, this kind of technology was not a viable option for startups. InfusionSoft CEO Clate Mask told VentureBeat, “Most vendors in the sales and marketing SaaS industry are gunning for the enterprise clients and their products show it …”

That’s because traditionally a marketing automation platform presented too many hurdles:

Marketing automation works best when there is an entire marketing department to take advantage of its functionality.
Marketing automation solutions are expensive.
Marketing automation contracts extend over a period of time, in some cases spanning multiple years.
Thankfully, there are more options available today, with marketing automation solutions like FullStack TLC that are available for entrepreneurs. This solution provides functionality that’s similar to that of the leading marketing automation platforms, but without the barriers:

Simple to use. There is limited setup required, and technical experts are not needed to administer back-end processing.
Limited effort is needed to keep campaigns running.
The solutions are scalable as the business grows.
Michael Noel, CEO of FullStack TLC, told me, “We saw this need and designed our new marketing automation solution to be both easy in functionality and advanced in capabilities. The mindset was to let any small business owner launch a complex automated campaign.”

Because of these new tools, entrepreneurs can now effectively market their solutions without appearing like the corner mom and pop shop… unless, of course, they want to. Through these small startup-sized marketing automation platforms, they can see who their prospects are, uncover what they are interested in and communicate with them based on their needs.

Like other business leaders, entrepreneurs who use these tools have an advantage over their competition. According to a Regalix study reported upon by eMarketer, they are more likely to see improved lead management and nurturing, see measurable results and develop enhanced targeting and personalization.

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