How I Approach Startup Incubation

As a lifetime entrepreneur I have founded managed a half dozen startups to successful exits including one acquisition by a publicly traded Fortune 100 company. I know and love the "ramp up" phase of starting a company, in fact, I thrive on the adrenaline charged pre-seed stage of building a company. I love that buzz so much and dislike the relatively mundane day to day operations of running company after it's made it and is cruising along at max altitude that I opted to become a startup mentor and form my incubator/accelerator Startup Hive in Oct of 2012. That way I could do what part of the business creation cycle that I enjoy and taxi many new companies down the runway and get them up in the air and running to the point where things settle down and I tend to get bored then pop the escape hatch, take my compensation and bail out like DB Cooper, enjoy the ride down, land, find another startup in need of assistance and lather, rinse, repeat over and over again. So far, since Oct. 2012 I've consulted with over 100 startups, advised over 50 more and just got in an overwhelming 132 new applications for our inaugural class of 2014. As a one man organization I cry "uncle" and put out a cry for assistance to the business incubation community to please find homes for every viable startup that want incubation and guidance...I'm maxed out.

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Stephen G. Barr

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Advisor to 62 startups over the past 5 years as listed on Angel List. Currently seeking advisory positions at startups. I can assist you with product development, fundraising, strategic alliances, setting up and administering an advisory board and more.

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