The Millennial Masterclass

‘Managing the millennials’ is a topic that is being discussed in every boardroom. There is certain hawkishness in the way we approach the topic. According to me, understanding them and how they think is the first step to creating the workplace of the future. Here’s my take on a millennial’s world view and preferred work style.

  1. Live and love technology.
    Technology is here to stay and you have to embrace it…just to stay relevant.
  2. Share & Collaborate 
    Use social networks to share what you know/learn quickly so that may others can benefit.
  3. Work is an activity, not a place

       ‘Office atmosphere’ is over-rated and traveling to work is passé 

  1. Follow your heart
    Figure out what you want to do and do it.
  2. Enjoy a variety of experiences

       Variety is the spice of life. Try different things, learn from those experiences.

  1. Get to the point!

       Be clear, direct and bold

  1. Work and life are intertwined 
    Move seamlessly from work to play, mix the two and enjoy them both. Learn to multi-task
  2. Learn and adapt quickly
    Conditions change too fast to learn one skill and spend years developing it in the workplace.
  3. Meritocracy is the new seniority

        Experience is valuable if it adds value in today’s context

  1. Live for today
    Future is too far and unpredictable, live the life you want…today
  2. Take risks

       Taking the safe path is a sign of mediocrity

  1. Simplify…gamify

       Shift from complicating simple things to simplifying and gamifying            complicated things

  1. Here and now

      Instant feedback, Instant recognition and Instant rewards

  1. Challenge/Question everything

        Question all basic assumptions… Have data…will accept!

  1. Information is the new currency

        Information should be fast, easily accessible, free and virtually limitless.

  1. Informality

        Cool, casual and chillaxed learning and work atmosphere

As much as we cherish and value the ‘traditional way’ of doing things, we certainly need to acknowledge and learn from the generation that has made ‘disruption’ a way of life! So project ‘managing the millennials’ should also include a module on ‘what we can learn from the millennials ’.

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