Current state of Talent Analytics in India – findings from a survey with senior HR professionals

‘Talent/HR/workforce analytics’ has become the buzzword in HR circles in India. Everyone is talking about it. It gets discussed in every HR forum, on Linkedin, within HR teams in companies and since talent management is an Organizational priority today, CXOs and are also showing a lot of interest in understanding the value it can bring to the table. But what really is the current state of maturity and usage of talent analytics in India?  To get a clear user perspective, we at InteliTix ran a survey among senior HR professional across industries in India. The survey was done over a 6 month period (Aug 2015 to Feb 2016) and we were able to get inputs from 202 HR professionals.

The survey collected inputs on the following:

  • Use of talent measurement tools
  • Use of Social media in talent sourcing
  • Use of technology in talent management
  • Perspectives on value of talent analytics
  • Talent Analytics As-is Scenario

The overall findings are presented below in the form of Infographics for the benefit of all HR professionals/C-Suite executives. 

 Use of Social Media in Talent Sourcing    

 Use of Technology and data in talent decisions 

 Perspectives on Talent/Workforce analytics 

 Talent Analytics As-Is Scenario

The survey findings show an increased interest in the perceived value of assessment and analytics, but the challenge is in getting existing HR resources trained on using analytics and in putting together a specific team comprising of HR professionals and people with a strong background in statistics to manage the talent analytics practice.

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