Infosys Global Finishing School
Problem Statement Solutions Outcome

1. Highly qualified and campus recruited New employees were not JOB ready!!

2. They could not be put on projects or interface with the Global customers!

3. This was leading to deep all round frustration, customer dissatisfaction.

4. Delays in making people available for projects.

1. Designed a 12 day Finishing school which was spread over 03 months and included assessment and refreshers.

2. Once established it was rolled out to ALL development centers of Infosys then numbering 07

3. As many as 35 batches were held simultaneously by Trainers who were trained certified by Shiv and his team personally.

1. All most all New employees underwent this program till it was taken over and done internally by their L&D.

2. Infosys won the prestigious American Society for Training & Development Award for the BEST Learning practice, worldwide!!

3. The award was shared with Shiv and Mukta!

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