Skill Gap - The gig economy could help to close it.

Recently I was reading one of the article of Mr. Barack Obama (Former President, USA) about Gig Economy. He often referred to the “train and pray” trap of workforce education, in which people intensively bury themselves in books and hope that there’s a job waiting for them on the other side of a credential.

I often have discussions with Ajay (CEO & Founder, the gig economy is a feasible alternative to “train and pray” school-centric approaches because job experience itself is the best form of job training.

This Vision of Gig, which we are living every day, has started to create a dent on the systems. The gig economy is often called as a dead-end market for disposable low-wage labor, but a significant portion of temporary, secondary, and self-employed work is in high-growth industries, but now the model which we are creating, is helping organizations to develop such a systems through which they are using the concept of Gig Economy for Senior/Leadership positions, especially in Infrastructure, Transportation (Highways and Railways) and Smart Cities. Ajay called it 'Skill Diversification' through multiple job holding.

In recent past, we interviewed many top thought leaders (You can watch these interviews on and all have one similar thought that 'Gig is the Future of Work'.

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