Intelligent Transportation System

Now a days, the growing number of vehicles leading to increase road congestion and energy efficient transportation system has become a top priority.

In current scenario, technology plays an important role in ensuring safety, increasing productivity, improving customer relations and promoting smoother operations.

A major technological tool for enhancing sustainability in this sector is the use of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).

Market Size & Growth Factor:

As per industry estimates, the global ITS market, in terms of value, was estimated at USD 35 Billion in 2016 and expected to grow USD 57 Billion by 2022. The rapid growth of the segment can be attributed to the increased adoption of ITS in emerging markets such as India, China, Brazil, South Africa and Russia.

Present Situation of ITS Deployment:

At present, except a few exceptions such as Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Surat most of the Indian cities are lacking improved and advanced systems for traffic management. In the absence of a reliable management system, traffic movement and speed van not be tracked; the departure and arrival time of buses/trains cannot be forecasted especially during peak hours.

Few small but important initiative in the ITS segment including Camera-based traffic sensors and cloud-based traffic control center deployed in Ahmedabad, an automatic number plate recognition and e-challan intelligence unit installed in Surat and mobility control & traffic status monitoring system in Mumbai.


The rapid growth in population, increasing traffic congestion, is expected to increase the market for ITS deployment. As most cities strive to improve the quality of transportation system, more advanced traffic systems will likely be introduced to provide efficient, low cost operations.


Source: Indian Infrastructure and other Magazines.

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