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Image Management is an ongoing process, proactively evaluating and controlling the impact of your personality, appearance on others which help us in attaining the desired goals. Few people have this talent naturally and most of us do not have. Best thing is that it can be learned and practices. Through this blog I want to point out few very important aspects of Image management which can help everyone.

  1. Personal Branding: One of the major aspects of IM is how you are building your Personal Brand. It’s all about creating an authentic, appropriate, attractive professional and personal Image which helps you to boost your confidence, productivity, credibility and capacity to continuous success. Now a day’s ‘Branding’ is no longer associated with only companies but every successful professional is working on. According to an AVG study, 92 percent of children under the age of two already have a digital footprint.


2. Respect for Self and Others: It’s a universal truth that if You want to get Respect then start giving it to others. IM is all about respecting not only others but also yourself. You can start this activity at any point of time or place like: Work Place, Social Gatherings, School or College etc and it will give you immediate results.


3. Self Presentation: Some of the other words we could use to talk about Personal Image Management are self-presentation, self-promotion, and professional presence. All of these words relate to our appearance, our sense of self, and our comfort level as we go about our day. Image Management is an effective way to attract others—to encourage others to regard you favorably and with continued interest. Positive self-presentation is an open invitation to become acquainted with the person inside. It is an effective way to influence the opinion or actions of others. Effective Personal Image Management aids you in achieving personal and professional success.

4. Physical & Social Appearance: Take effort and time to improve your physical appearance. Many think that they are stuck with their looks but in reality there is a 1000 steps you could take to improve your appearance. You could improve your fashion and style sense; you could improve your facial appearance; you could lose weight and gain muscle mass by following different channels on Youtube etc. Now on social media point of view now a day’s most of your future employer will see is your photos. When you look at your photos ask yourself, “What do I want my future boss to see?” Make sure your first impression is positively reflected in your profile photo, cover photo and in all of your albums. Refrain from profanity and vulgar language. Also, make sure your posts are free of typos or grammar errors.


5. Online Communication: Your reputation is as crucial as ever in today’s digital world, where a single negative search result can dramatically alter public perception of you or your brand. Though it’s true there are specific times when your online reputation really matters, a positive online reputation should be a constant effort. A need for a good reputation could pop up at any time. Online reputation problems can be especially damaging for job seekers. We know that 92% of U.S. companies screen candidates online and 34% of hiring managers dismissed candidates based on their online, which means it’s important to know how to leverage these properties to the advantage of your reputation, rather than to its detriment. This can help in the process of developing a strong online reputation with prevention, response, and proactive, positive online reputation building.

6. Knowledge Sharing: It helps you grow, It helps you stay motivated, Getting top talent access, Recognition, Generating new ideas, Future leaders discovery, Limiting the skill gap, Team cementing and silo breaking, Sense of purpose, Operational efficiency. This exercise helps to develop personality in such a manner that people start seeing you as a Mentor.



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