Be a Subject Matter Expert

  • Narrow Your Focus:

To become a Subject Matter Expert first thing which is most important is ‘Focus’. If you keep shifting your focus then it will be next to impossible to get expertise in a specific matter.

For example, you may be practicing in the general commercial litigation practice at your firm, but that does not preclude you from developing a special focus. Make it known that you are interested in cases that involve certain types of disputes or ask to be a part of the team working with clients in a particular industry.

  • Build Strong Relationships:

In the age of digitisation, relationships are the heart beat to get success specially if we talk about in Virtual World (Online). Depending on the field of your expertise, it’s always a good idea to align yourself with people from your niche industry who have more influence and external connections than you do.

  • Write Articles (News Sites or Publications):

If you get an opportunity to write articles or blogs for a News Site or publication then it will add a great value in your portfolio, it will boost your personal branding and help you to become known in your area of interest.

  • Effective utilization of Social Media:

Whether you’ve been outsourcing your expertise for years or days, learning to use social media in an effective manner can help you stand out as a master in your field. When it comes to your professional Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and Instagram accounts, it’s important to stay up-to-date with posting quality content.

  • Do lots of Research work:

This step can be overwhelming, especially since there’s so much to learn at this point. Take it slow, and jot down notes to help you remember important points. Focus on the most credible sites out there, and don’t feel like you need to go through 10 pages of Google results to get the information you need. 

Also, look for and download free whitepapers and eBooks on important industry topics. Be careful, though, as some of these can get really technical and lengthy.

  • Follow Industry Leaders on Social Media:

Yeah, it is true that at this point of time you are not Subject Matter Expert but you can learn from someone who is. As you’re doing research, you’ll start to see the same names and companies popping up repeatedly. Take the time to find these people (or businesses) on social media, and start chasing them. They’ll share tons of information about industry-related topics, which will help you learn more about the industry you’re writing for and give you inspiration for future content topics of your own.

  • Stay Calm:

Don’t expect that you will immediately get success, it takes time. No one becomes a subject matter expert in a day, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get it right the first time. Just stay calm, and do the best you can when you’re given a new assignment.

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