Rooftop policy/Net metering in most states - what next?

With most states now with some kind of solar roof top policies, MNRE/SECI already set targets & subsidy processes/list, birth of solar EPC companies in most places with average to good skills and experiences, capex and opex models to choose from - what next?

Time to streamline approval mechanisms - from their capability, motivation, enthusiasm, to removal of their greed (read corruption). We all need to pitch in to help the engineers and babus (except the last one, we don't expect the efforts in reduction in prices going in vain because of certain corruptions)! Let us bell the cat now. EPCs have to do a good job and demand the approvals for genuine good job, asking no waivers/ deviations and thus giving away your profits.

Time has also come for EPC to train their teams' skills - after having done many due diligence of small to big EPC companies' projects of KW to MW, I see this as a big gap. Technical design, sales, commercial, legal, contractual and need of multi skill development - all of these need up-gradation. E.g. on technical areas, in certain 'solar' mature countries, solar EPC companies have limited defects allowed/year, post which their incenses are cancelled! Before poor quality and service kills your enterprise, please update yourself! Seek help. After all, the only major investment in EPC biz required is skill development!

Ask me for help e.g. some of your projects' due diligence - to check areas of improvements! There are others who will help you. I plan to create a group of such consultants PAN India whom investors, EPC cos can seek help from. LET us all upgrade our industry to 'better' than the World standards!

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