Data Protection ( General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR ) - Overview

GDPR is a new data regulation which came in light in April’2016. GDPR enforcement will effect from 25th May’18 to all the organizations handling EU subjects – Individual Personal Data or EU Organizational Data.

GDPR compliance states that companies who seek to do business with any persons physically residing in the E.U. have to receive a customer’s consent to use their data and in return, offer full transparency and adhere to several requirements regarding personally identifiable information.

It applies to all the organizations across EU, US, UK, Asia & Others. In India, Companies in IT, Outsourcing & Shared services directly dealing with EU subjects handling Personal Data must have to comply with GDPR.

To ensure GDPR compliance & implementing Data Safety measures in identifying, locating & Protecting Personal & Sensitive data within your organization. We offer following Solutions


Readiness Assessment 

  • Review the current practices & Data Privacy policies against GDPR
  • Develop a New or Integrated framework for GDPR
  • Develop a roadmap for smooth implementation of GDPR once the gaps are found


Data Protection Officers 

  • Thorough selection of GDPR Expert to fit your project
  • Cost-Effective rates for our skilled & certified experts 
  • Expert available within 72 hours


GDPR Training & Workshops 

  • Awareness
  • Implementation


GDPR Compliance         

  • On-Call Advisory service by a GDPR Expert

Personal Data Sensitive Data Training Implementation Awareness GDPR Framework

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