Tough Times calls for Tough Decisions

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. In your personal or professional life, it will not always be smooth sailing. Life would be so boring if everything was just predictable and monotonous. A ship is safest when it is in anchor .. but that is not what it was built for. Your life will face its even share of ups and down; and remember a boxer is not given knocked out when he fails - its only when he refuses to get up that he is declared 'KO'. This advice is well said and shared by everyone. What is not quite known is the HOW of it? I'm down and out HOW do I pull myself up? My business is going through tough times HOW do i sustain? My personal life has hit rock bottom HOW do i move to the next day?

Well the secret is One: to look at the positives .. there is sure some good in what is happening. All the breaks that people have got is from such failures - a new opportunity beckons

two: You have to have your self affirmations in place; know for sure that you are good and these are just bad times. If you are good things will turn around. For the time being pick up something new, which shall add to your skill set, look for better options, networking, anything different which you've not done in recent past. And remember if you keep doing the same things over and over again, and expect different results you must be a fool! Try different things

Three: Take a break, re-look at your priorities, check your passion and tick if your present job, status, salary, relationship is fulfilling or dragging you ... take a call.

if winter has come can spring be far behind?

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