Discipline is Liberating

Attitude is other word that totals up to 100! A number of YOUth interacting with me look at "Discipline" as a dirty word; something to loathe, something to despise. They see it as 'restrictive', 'curbing my freedom', 'clipping my wings, when I wanna fly'. Well, let me share some secrets of 'The most successful people who have walked this planet'. When queried, One word for your success: it all boiled down to one of the two words mentioned above, its Discipline or Attitude.

Now, I've been in a boarding school since the tender age of eight! we woke up before the sun would peep out and had a regimen to follow. A career in the Uniform further honed this and I'm proud to say that I'm disciplined. With discipline,  your mind does not have to think of mundane things for which you waste so much of precious time. "Oh my god! I'm getting late, where have I kept my keys?" Discipline teaches us that there is a key holder on the left hand side of the wall as soon as you enter. Come what may, the moment I enter the room the key goes there. Period. It just cannot be any where else. Bedside table will have a match and a candle, come hail or storm; and perchance should electricity fail, we know where to grope, rather than creating another tsunami in the house looking for things. There are far too many things that discipline instills. It would need a tome to just jot down all those things.

The contrarians would say, "Oh, life becomes so boring. Everything becomes so predictable". Really? Think of it this way, you have more time to things that you love - read, romance, work ... rather than looking for keys and cursing the entire world!

QED! I rest my case your honor .. its your life and you only live once... enjoy it (rather than looking for those keys ... still searching for them!!!!????)

Discipline Attitude

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