Be Alert . Be Aware . Be Safe . Women Safety Tip # 71

SITuation CONtrol is all about controlling the situation, should you, god forbid, are in such unwanted situations.

SITCON is all about avoidance, planning, knowing and acting. Just 10% of the times would you have to physically resort to violence, if at all.

But due to various reasons, you are now trapped. Your mind should constantly work to look for outlet; never stay back to fight! Look for distractions, disabling him and diverting his attention. All these could not work-out .. and you continue to be at his mercy; keep looking to be aggressive. If trapped with an predator, never wait for a opening to make your move. Be prepared to seize slivers of opportunity and create openings. Wield all your tools of trickery and cunning. It's all about seconds: the second he fumbles with his/your clothing, lays down a weapon, gets himself "ready," it IS 'Go' time. Seize the moment. It will never be easy but only chance you must take.

It is all about avoidance, plan in advance and mental conditioning. Prepare to be aggressive - never give in.

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