Ten Facts on Decisions

1) People make impulsive decisions and then stand behind that impulse as if the decision was made logically with a lot of thought behind it.

2) When a person’s decision turns out to have good results, they are quick to take the credit. When the results are unfavorable, they tend to blame external sources like timing and luck.

3) People make decisions based on emotion and then use logic to justify those decisions.

4) People are unaware of the fact that the manner in which a question is framed plays a bigger role in how people respond to it than the content of the question itself.

5) When making decisions, people overemphasize the role of consequence or pain nearly 3 times as much what’s really at stake.

6) People tend to avoid perceived risk.

7) Most people are not equipped to really calculate the chances that an event will or will not take place.

8) People tend to make decisions independently rather than seeking the advice of someone else who can provide a different perspective.

9) Most people will take a sure thing (even when it doesn’t make sense) as opposed to taking the risk of gaining something with 50/50 odds.

10) People are unaware of how they can become influenced by specific questions which unconsciously change their minds.

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