Sources of Conflict in Organisations

  1. Goal Incompatibility:-
    • Goals may conflict with others
    • Reinforced by reward systems

 2. Differentiation:-

    • People hold different beliefs due to unique backgrounds, experiences, training
    • Caused by specialized tasks and career paths
    • Cultural differences
    • Mergers—different values/experiences explains conflict

 3. Task Interdependence:-

    • Conflict increases when people share common inputs, have interdependent processes, or receive common outcomes
    • Three levels of interdependence……
      • 3 levels of interdependence
      • Pooled interdependence —work units rely on a common resource or authority
      • Sequential interdependence —one person’s output is next person’s input
      • Reciprocal interdependence —output is exchanged back and forth among units

 4. Scarce Resources:-

    • Potential conflict increases as shared resources decrease
    • Results in more competition for resources to fulfill goals

 5. Ambiguity:-

    • Lack of rules guiding relations between parties
    • Encourages political tactics to intercept resources
    • Ambiguity weakens coordination

 6. Communication Problems:-

    • Conflict due to lack of opportunity, ability or motivation to communicate effectively
    • Lack of opportunity—reliance on stereotypes
    • Lack of ability—arrogant communication heightens conflict perception
    • Lack of motivation—conflict causes lower motivation to communicate, which increases stereotyping

Organisational Conflict Sources of conflict Reward system Interdependence processes Ambiguity Communication problem

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