Design and Build projects - Civil Structural Buildings, Buildings for Substations and Oil and Gas facilities

Duration of Project : 36 Months

Problem Statement Solutions Outcome

Poor design increased the cost. Many projects used to overshoot the budget and company fell into red. The Object of this project was "To achieve value engineered design and construction of building projects, by meeting all the building functions at an optimised cost. The purpose is to keep projects within budget by reducing cost with no compromise on quality.  This is achieved by reviewing the design of consultants, check Over-Design, and suggest alternatives to reduce the cost."

My strategy as Design Manager of the contracting company was to get involved in the design of projects right from the initial stage. This was possible with Design and Build projects. For Design and Build projects, it is contractor’s responsibility to do the complete Design and construction. Due to various reasons some consultants   tend to over design the projects. With my experience in consultancies and knowledge in structural design, I had the expertise to detect over design.

So we had regular meetings with the Design Consultant to make sure that they provide a value engineered Design. By checking the design at every stage of development, we could get optimum sizes of structural members, best suitable materials, economical framing methods and thus an optimised design.

Also during the construction, we ensured that the designs for temporary structures like crane foundations or similar are optimised and not overdesigned.

By introducing the periodic review on design and value engineering we could reduce the cost of projects by at least 8 to 10 %.

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About the author

Annamma Mani

Lead Structural Engineer


Expert structural designer with construction exposure of more than 25 years. Familiar with codes , specifications and industrial practices. Have been involved with many prestigious projects in Qatar.


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