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There are many articles on what should be the basic solutions that a SMART CITY project should have and one finds that most the smart city solutions are based around public services and public safety.

But, there is a problem - each of the smart city solutions are independent of each other and hence the implementation and the subsequently maintenance costs would be high and not very effective in the long-run. Also, it implies that one needs a large central command center to manage all these diverse solutions. Today, smart lighting is a separate project on its own and there is CCTV surveillance which another project and Smart Parking would amount to a third project and so on and so forth.... All of this further brings in complications and challenges in terms of overall management of these smart city solutions including in terms of vendor management and their accountability.

One argument in favor of separate deployment of the diverse and distant smart city solutions could be - well this is best way to do it but we have found innovative ways to ensure quality of service, for example, by linking the project payouts to the earned cost savings (ECS) from deployment of these smart city solutions. Well... that will solve the issue, right?

But my personal view, it sounds nice and simple and easy, but its implementation is complex and not so easy as it seems, though I respect and endorse the ECS payout model. What if the city authorities had a choice to get the BEST of both worlds....

Would a product that combines and integrates multiple smart city solutions into one and still uses the earned cost savings (ECS) model for the payouts not be an "better" and "more appropriate" model of implementation?

Well... we EXACTLY have that - a single combined integrated solution for - LED Lighting, CCTV surveillance, WiFi, Smart Parking and sensors (Air Quality, Gunfire Detection, Parking Sensor, Occupancy Sensors, Interactive Digital Advertisement Panel, Electric Car Charging and Real-Time Location Watch)? Also, the wide RF communication network serves any other IOT devices and sensors (such as Garbage Control, Transportation, Utility metering (water, gas and electricity) that also guarantees energy savings of an average of up to 70%....

Well... interested? Come on... lets disrupt the Smart City Solutions market....

Smart City integrated solution LED Lighting CCTV surveillance WiFi Smart Parking and sensors Interactive Digital Advertisement Panel Electric Car Charging and Real-Time Location Watch

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