The Lighthouse - A guiding light of HOPE & POSSIBILITIES

For couple of days newspaper, news channels, discussions, social media did flood with news of Nobel Prize winner for Peace - Kailash Satyarthi & Malala Yousafzai.

Reflecting over the discussion I had with others as well as myself, I experienced an irruption of thoughts. Thoughts with an underlying message - A guiding light of hope & possibilities in the darkness - alike The Lighthouse.

Following are few messages which summarize my thoughts:

What is my purpose?

Very few people ponder over the question - Why am I doing, what I am doing? And from those few, only handful explores further to rendezvous with the purpose of one’s own life. The challenge which majority I have met, encountered to find an answer to a simple question - ‘WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF MY LIFE?’

Throughout the last decade, I have worked with several leaders, entrepreneurs, students to set their goals and facilitate to accomplish them by designing their plan, strategy & building up the team to execute. I am fortunate to meet and read about souls who know the answer alike the winners of NOBEL prize. They not only have achieved their own purpose - on larger context, also the LIGHTHOUSE for many who yet to even ask the question themselves - ‘What is my purpose for life?’

Know your WHY! How will follow.

A sign divine wants us to see.

Since long, our country and our neighbour, have been challenging themselves to prove themselves right, and win over a piece of land and peace of mind (hopefully). Over the century neither have achieved anything except losing on TRUST, LOVE, LIFE, MONEY and list can go on. We might see the war happening between two sides of line, I do see a sign that divine or law of nature wants us to reflect upon.

Two strong neighbours - winning NOBEL prize jointly for PEACE.

Stand for your Values..Fight against all odds.

We all dream, we all are dreamers. Though our dream comes with conditions - if I had so and so things, I could have achieved. If I want to fulfill my dream I need to let go or compromise on certain aspect - MY VALUES. Malala alike many others is a true idol for mass to display the courage to stand for what one believes in.

Hold on to the rope, even a strong blow can not move you from course and your Value system will hold you on track towards your GOAL.

Circumstances are the facilitators. Our best guide.

What made Malala stand for education? What inspired Kailash S to work towards Child-Labour Free World? Why not you and me?

Circumstances in our life are guiding us to find the answer for what is my purpose - WHY of my life. Reflect back on the life you have lived, the challenges you encountered, people you met, experience you have accumulated. Every act, every moment of our life was & is leading us to know the answer.

We have heard it many times and used the old phrase - ‘EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR GOOD’, it simply means - See what it is guiding you towards. Dont stop by being optimistic and accepting things as it is.

I have been struggling to know my WHY since a very young age, I have no clear answer yet, though I can see a hazy picture now. Few words that initially triggered a direction were words of my grandfather in Gujarati at age 10 - ‘Ami ne gamme sav, savne gami Ami’ (Ami likes all, All like Ami)

People like Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzai are LIGHTHOUSE, helping to reinforce the drive to find the WHY of one’s life.

Find your LIGHTHOUSE, find your WHY.

The Lighthouse values

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Ami Sheth

Family Business Coach I Mentor I Entrepreneur



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