Holding the Startup Baton

At present, we are all going through a phase which is really a zooming period for the startup industry. What we as a company are trying to achieve is really a small pie of the overall ecosystem. My advice to startups :

1) Never Jump without knowing the depth 

2) Idea is no one's monopoly, so do not be afraid to discuss with the right people. Its the execution that matters.

2) Startup is built as a team, not alone. But be careful of whom you choose as a co-founder. 

3) A lot of people would want to be associated with you in the initial stages, you need to identify the right talent and say "NO" to someone very close, sounds difficult but you have to do it.

4) Never be dependent on funding as your only hope. A lot of startups still succeed without any funding. M-Indicators is the best example of this.

5) Write down everything - because talking and writing down the same thoughts is a serious thing to do,  you may get different outputs 90% of the time.

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