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Data Protection & Cyber Security

"Privacy is not for the passive."

Jeffrey Rosen

Every company, big or small is dependent on  internet and with the ease of use and accessibility, cybercrime and data leakage has increased drastically over the last few years, demanding a more precise and smart way of protecting a company’s data.
According to a cyber security report, increase upto four times till 2020. It is crucial for a business to be protected and completely secured from all the fraudulent and mal- practices. GME experts not only safeguard businesses’ data but also its integrity and confidentiality. Our team includes experts from every corner of the world, equally passionate about cyber security
•    Data Protection
•    Domain names
•    Crowdsourcing (including crowdfunding)
•    E-commerce
•    Intellectual Property
•    Internet governance
•    Online dispute resolution
•    Online gambling
•    Virtual worlds

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Being a solution oriented company, GME understands that each company needs a different approach for solving an issue. Because of this, our experts offer a variety of services to help you better.