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Prashant Mali

Lawyer, Cyber & Privacy Thought Leader


Exceptional Expert with 20+ years of experience in Cyber Field. Has expertise in arguing in courts on matters pertaining to e-commerce, Data Theft, Source code theft, Hacking, Pornography, software piracy, domain disputes, removal of defamatory content, s


1. I Argue in courts on matters pertaining to ecommerce, Data Theft, Hacking, Pornography, software piracy, domain disputes, removal of defamatory content, social media defamation, econtracts, online banking fraud, Electronic Evidence etc. 2. I lead a team of lawyers in my law firm. 3. I and my firm handle cases related to registering a FIR or Police complaint or Liasoning with LAw & Enforcement. 4. I Lead my team as a team lead or in advisor capacity when we do Cyber related legal compliance of various industries. 5. I give consultation in my office 6. I give written Legal opinion on matters related to technology, Internet, IPR and law. 7. I finalise certain Drafting assignments. 8. I speak in various conferences and summits 9. I look after client interaction and business 10. I write Blogs, Tweets, Articles, give Quotes to media/Press and appear on television for National debates on cyber, privacy, security & policy related issues. 11. I guide Law Interns and Legal researchers across the world 12. I conduct awareness related seminars, workshops and training's for Police officers, Judges, Lawyers and CXO's.

Indian National Bar Association, A body of Lawyers and budding Lawyers in India. Cyber Law and Security Section of INBA promotes Cyber Law & Cyber Security related awareness. Helps Legal fraternity ,Corporate organisation and Government with Think tank required for Cyber Law, Cyber Security, technological law etc.

A NGO involved in Policy, Research and Awareness of Cyber Security, Cyber Law, Social Media, Internet and other issues

CMC Limited was a leading Software development and Consulting company in India, it was a Government of India Enterprise and now took over by TCS. I had an all round experience in Software, Networking & IT Security working for large Indian private and Government companies.